Let Me In - Habibi

from the album Habibi (2014)

Habibi are a four piece "girl" band from Brooklyn USA.  Their music stands at a fascinating intersection of retro-Iranian and American 60's music.  Dig this quote from Habibi's Rahill Jamalifard in V Magazine:

"My influences are directly related to my ancestry: Iran, gypsies, nomads, the inspiration of poets like Hafiz, Saadi, and Rumi, my travels within the country, its people, the culture, and the music I grew up listening to.  Unlike so many of my friends, my parents didn't have record collections of classic rock, blues, and jazz.  They instead had countless cassettes of sad songs sung by old Iranian singers, and VHS tapes of music shows filmed pre-1979 Revolution."

Had I known that, I would have paid more attention when they were laying down the vibe at the Burger Records fest at SXSW.  Instead, I was slamming tequila and Red Bull, doing the Air Tuba, and acting like an idiot.  In other words, being myself.

One of their songs that I downloaded from iTunes that night was Let Me In.  This song starts with a bass and drum groove that is straight out of 1970's lower Manhattan.  When the rest of the band joins in, I get a punky new wave vibe reminiscent of my favorite female led acts of that era.  It is a really cool tune.

Now I'm gonna go listen to the rest of their record and check out the Iranian influences…

Click Here to listen to the album version of Let Me In.