Morning High - La Luz

from the album It's Alive (2013)

I dig the nuance of words and their translation.  La Luz is a band from Seattle whose name means "light" when translated from Spanish to English.  But when you go a little deeper, it often means "light" in an inspirational sense.

I saw this band perform live at the Burger Records extravaganza at SXSW last week.  They were inspirational, playing a brand of "dream surf" that I found completely captivating.

My favorite La Luz song is Morning High.  The song initially grabs me with its latin surf inspired bass and drums with a mystical guitar track.  Then enter the main body of the song with long, sustained keyboard chords and a dream pop groove.  The vocals are a delight with harmonies reminiscent of some of my favorite girl bands (I hate that term).

I also dig how the song segues back into the intro groove for a brief interlude later in the song before returning back into the dreamy finish.  The combination of the two sub genres is well executed.

I wish more bands would follow the lead of La Luz and explore the countless intersections in the musical spectrum.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Morning High.

Click Here to watch La Luz perform Morning High on KEXP.