Primitive - Real Estate

from the album Atlas (2014)

Yesterday, I flew home from an 11-day installment of my never ending tour that took my thru places like NYC, Austin, and Minnesota.  I was exhausted.  These are the times when I strap on the noise-cancelling coconut shells, close my eyes, and try to find some zen.

My most frequent playlist for these times is called Carefree Highway (from the Gordon Lightfoot song).  It is largely a mix of tunes from the 70's that were once considered "soft rock".  However, due to a recent change in mobile devices, that playlist was not handy so I listened to the album Atlas by the band Real Estate.  I am so glad I did.

This album provides a solid experience from start to finish.  However, the one song I kept returning to was Track 7: Primitive.  Had this song been recorded thirty five years ago, it may have made my misplaced playlist.  It has that fluid, rambling vibe that one really enjoys on that long, hard ride.  Yet it is updated for modern chill seekers.

I dig the strum of the acoustic guitar, the easy-going beat of the hi-hat and snare, and the subtle keyboard that allows your mind to float.  The vocals are also splendid with dreamy textures and imagery.  But the thing that makes this song is the electric guitar.  The central riff transfixes my mind and all I want to do is borrow my friend Fred's Rolland Jazz Chorus amplifier and try to dial in the tone.

The overall feel of this song was perfect for the flight.  This song will also sound great driving with the top down past the countless pine trees on the country road in my dreams.  Can't wait.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Primitive.