Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes - Sun Kil Moon

from the album Benji (2014)

I have recently become obsessed with dark songs.  Songs about arson.  Songs about going to the chair.  The darker the better.

Richard Ramirez was one of the most horrific serial killers of the 20th century.  He was the Night Stalker who killed thirteen people in Los Angeles and San Francisco in the mid-80's.  His killing spree was noted for its brutality.  He wouldn't just slit your throat, he'd just about cut your whole fucking head off.  He was that kind of dark.

Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes is a very well crafted dark song.  First the topic is a serial killer.  Second, there is minimal instrumentation.  Just a simple guitar with the strings plucked in a most effective manner, with every third note (or so) plucked very hard to add a tension to the song.  Third are the vocals that ramble in an almost maniacal manner across a wide range of topics including the death of James Gandolfini.  And finally the production that uses an overdubbed second vocal track to add to the madness and dread of the song.

I dig this song for all this reasons.

Click Here to listen to Richard Ramirez Died Today Of Natural Causes.


  1. Dark, grey, but hey how can you go wrong with a video that has a corvair in the background. Oh, yeah that's the car that is supposed to be a death trap...


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