Salvajes - AJ Davila

from the album Terror Amor (2014)

One of the great travesties in music today is the stereotyping of latin bands.  Enrique Iglesias.  Shakira.  Ricky Martin.  These are the faces of latin music to much of the world.  Too bad.  There is so more music out there to dig.

AJ Davila is an artist from Puerto Rico, whose new album Terror Amor lays down a punk-garage vibe that taps into my inner rock star.  This is actually a solo album, recorded during a break from his band Davila 666.  If you are not familiar with them, check them out.  You won't be disappointed.

The song Salvajes begins with a nice beat on the floor toms joined by overdriven guitars.  The vocals are sung in spanish with a call and response verse and soaring chorus.  As the song progresses, it hits a groove that will absorb you.  By the time he yells "quiero, quiero, quiero" you just might be pumping your fist in the air.

This is another of the bands I caught at SXSW.  They stood out.

Click Here to listen to Salvajes.