Saturday Bride - Quilt

from the album Held In Splendor (2014)

The best part of being at SXSW is stumbling across a great band you had never heard of before.  This happened for me last night when I caught the Boston-based band Quilt at the Swan Dive.

Their sound was pure psychedelia that reminded me most of Revolver era Beatles with shades of Jefferson Airplane.  Guitarist Shane Butler - with his mouth agape - laying down his handy riff work while achieving beautifully lush tones was a highlight of the festival.  I also really dug the drummer - John Andrews - who remained incredible disciplined in his beat selection, giving the guitars and vocals a chance to soar.

The song I most enjoyed from their set was Saturday Bride.  On this song you can hear the drumming and guitar work, but also the incredible male / female vocal harmonies between Butler and multi-instrumentalist Anna Fox Rochinski.

Listening to this band gives you a good feel for the band's sound and why they were so impressive to catch live.

Click Here to watch Quilt perform Saturday Bride live on KEXP.