Wanderlust - Wild Beasts

from the album Present Tense (2014)

My last blog post discussed how you can hear threads of Vince Clarke in today's music.  Well that is certainly the case with the song Wanderlust by Wild Beasts.  This song reminds me of Yaz or Erasure.  And how.

Whenever I think of Erasure, a recall a time I went on a double date to one of their shows that was in an arena setting, many moons ago.  The other guy was somewhat homophobic and was unaware of Erasure's sexual orientation.  When the first song began, Andy Bell descended to the stage on a wire.  He was wearing a silver sequined astronaut suit with no rear end.  This horrified my friend.  Watching his facial expressions for the next 90 minutes remains one of my favorite concert experiences.

But I digress.  Wild Beasts new album is fantastic, with my favorite song being Wanderlust.  Not much to say except enjoy the nostalgic tones and try not to think about the sequined space suit.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Wanderlust.


  1. That's my homopho-bro.

    Wish I'd have been there. I would have
    slapped him stupid.

    That is one funny image in my head!!! Thanks for the giggles! ( I do miss that knucklehead...)

  2. Great story! I once brought a very sensitive but sheltered good friend to see a line up of Pussy Galore, Volcano Suns and Big Black at a show in Boston, and the "vibe" made him puke. That was awesome!


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