Delorean Dynamite - Todd Terje

from the album It's Album Time (2014)

Norwegian DJ/Producer Todd Terje has released an album of carefree dance instrumentals largely inspired by library music.  In a recent Rolling Stone interview, he describes it this way:

"Initially, I thought I'd do an album based on library music, which is music made by labels in the 1970s for the purpose of being used by TV and radio stations.  It's a lot about visually describing an event, often with a title like, 'Wild Crazy Dramatic Couple at 140BPM' or 'Calm Breezy Exotic Jungle Scene.'  I liked the visual aspect to it, making you imagine things as you listen to the music."

I dig the concept.  My favorite track is Delorean Dynamite (although a close second is Johnny and Mary - a downtempo Robert Palmer cover sung by Bryan Ferry).  This song has a hard pulsing drive that makes you feel as if you were driving a Delorean that was about to explode.  The sound is total 80s.  I can imagine it on the soundtrack to Miami Vice.

Another groovy aspect of this song is how it faintly reminds me of Pink Floyd's Run Like Hell in certain parts.  I always liked that song and felt it would have been better served outside the context of The Wall.

Click Here to listen to Delorean Dynamite.