Don't Wanna Dance - MǾ

from the album No Mythologies To Follow (2014)

Karen Marie Ǿrsted is a Danish singer songwriter whose debut album is a delightful form of retro electro dance pop.  Scandinavian Pop is serious business and MǾ executes her craft with the talent and precision.

The tune I've been digging is Don't Wanna Dance.  Produced by Ronni Vindahl, whose thumbprints are all over last year's stellar Rhye album Woman, this song has as catchy a chorus as you will find anywhere.  It is one of those grooves you can't help losing yourself in, particularly when nobody else is around.

The vocals are also of note.  MǾ has the range and tone necessary to deliver a song loaded with dynamics that take her down low and then require her to get on top of the big beat with horn and ripping guitar ornaments.

Click Here to watch the music video for Don't Wanna Dance.