Evolution 1964 - Babe Rainbow

from the single Evolution 1964 (2014)

Fifty years ago, The Beatles were spreading their mania across America.  At the time, could anyone have predicted the looming shift from pop to psychedelia?  Were there signs?  They must have been lurking somewhere.  San Francisco coffee shops?  Mexico City whore houses?

What other evolutions were going on in 1964?  The most popular song that year was The Girl From Ipanema.  Stan Getz found the bossa nova beat that year, but had it been hanging around in Rio clubs or ghettos years before?  It all starts somewhere.

So what is that next sound and where can we find it?  Are some chicks in a Cambodian hostel laying down a mind chilling groove right now?  Have a group of Canadian Mounties figured out a new structure for harmonizing?  Is a kid in Brixton dialing in a never imagined tone?

Wherever they are, bless them. while you dig the cool retro psychedelia of Babe Rainbow.

Click Here to watch the music video to Evolution 1964.