Grand Canyon - Drive-By Truckers

from the album English Oceans (2014)

Went to Grand Canyon
And we stood at the expanse
And we watched the rocks change colors
And we watched the shadows dance
And we probably didn't say anything
As the sunset turned to night
Let spirits do the talking
With cascades of fading light

My affinity for Patterson Hood continues to grow.  His lyrics speak to me.  His voice cuts me open.  His music touches a part of me that I thought died in the passenger seat of a '74 LeMans.  All the while, he ties my past and present together with a cohesive thread.  No small trick.

I've never been to Grand Canyon, but I find myself standing at a few expanses right now.  Not really sure how I'm holding it all together.  We are only 114 days into 2014 and I have already turned several families lives upside down, severed lifelong relationships, ignored doctor's warnings, bet my future on red, and rocketed past the point of no return without a map, fuel gauge, or Plan B.

Beware the true believer.  He is selfish, reckless, and unyielding.

I have nobody to discuss this madness with, except for you and a few ghosts, but even that is not a duplex conversation.  So thank god for those handful of musicians who give me perspective.  They tend to have mundane names, like Joe and Bob, but you can add Patterson to that list.  He is that good.

Click Here to listen to Grand Canyon.


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