Mary Mary - Bruce Springsteen

from the EP American Beauty (2014)

With the possible exception of Jesus, Bruce Springsteen has done more to promote the vision of a "Mary" than anyone I can think of.

The screen door slams
Mary's dress waves
And like a vision she dances across the porch
As the radio plays

Thunder Road is an American classic with visual images that still touch the soul 39 years after its release.  A week ago, he released the EP American Beauty that contains an excellent song titled Mary Mary.

The song has a cool, laid back vibe.  It centers on an old lover who has moved to a distant place.  The lyrics are filled with heartfelt imagery:

Now its just a misty sidewalk with the rain drifting through
Lipstick case and one lonely red shoe

But what I really dig about this song is the music.  The string arrangements are particularly effective as they provide both a melody line and an orchestral lift as the song builds.  The combination of the acoustic guitar, almost-busy drum beat and keyboard track is also beautifully produced.  Finally, I like his soft vocal treatment and the female backing vocals.

This song carries a tenderness that is the result of careful craftsmanship.  One can't help but imagine that Bruce was nostalgic when creating this song.  After all, it is about a woman with that name.  You also hear it in smaller things, like the reference to Hearts of Stone.

This song is an unexpected delight.

Click Here to listen to Mary Mary.