Mojo Mojo - Luther Dickenson

from the album Rock 'N Roll Blues (2014)

I had gotten myself in a rut leading up to an important meeting in NYC yesterday.  However, I sucked it up, pulled an all-nighter preparing, and knocked it out of the park.  Afterwards, I walked thru Central Park taking something of a victory lap.  I was singing Mojo Mojo by Luther Dickenson.

I dig the sweet country blues played in an all-acoustic format.  The opening fife and toms are something you don't hear too much of, but it sure sounds great.  It is the product of Luther Dickenson, who most people know from his day job with The North Mississippi All-Stars, or his work with The Black Crowes and Phil Lesh.

The song is about a guy looking to regain his mojo. Kind of like Austin Powers.  The catch line goes like this:

Mojo mojo, where've you been?
I been to hell and back and back again

But it is really all about the fife and toms providing a foundation for the burnt mellow vibe.

Click Here to listen to Mojo Mojo.


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  2. Sorry- error made.

    I just wanted to comment that I just got tix to Jackie Greene, who replaced Luther Dickensen in the Black Crowes on their last tour. Coincidentally.

    Glad you had some mojo for your meeting. Mojo is good.

    1. Thank you Theresa,

      It is good to have some of the mojo back...

  3. Mojo is the ultimate maven of the human sprit, and losing it is hell, but getting it back and singing a celebratory song about the journey to "hell and back" upon ones mojo returning is awesome.


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