Need U - Oceaán

from the EP Oceaán (2013)

My path to enjoying electronic music required me to learn how to listen to it.  This did not come easy to me as a student of the Stevie Wonder "You can tell right away it's got the "A" when the people start to move" school.  My people believe that if need to learn how to listen, it ain't worth the listening to.

However, electronic music is really all about craft and, as my musical ear has matured, craft is something that I really dig.  When an electronic producer finds the right sound for a track, they manipulate it, shaping the attack and sustain to match the desired tone.  They painstakingly do this for every sound, before collecting them in a cohesive record.  How can't I appreciate that?

Oceaán is a Manchester-based producer amazes me with the sounds he produces.  Try listening to Need U on a great set of speakers or headphones when you are alone and chilling out.  Every sound is perfectly considered.  As I listen, I can visualize the sound.  To me, the beats look spherical, expanding and contracting to the groove.  You can almost feel them as they bounce off you, bounce off the walls, filling the room with the vibe.

The vocals further amaze, giving me chills with every listen.  They elevate the song from standard electronic fare to something you might hear in a club or groovy lounge.  The sounds, the mix, the vocals, the production.  And, oh yeah, the song is also well written.  Hats off to Oceaán.

Click Here to listen to to Need U.