Take Yours, I'll Take Mine - Matthew Mole

from the album The Home We Built (2013)

Matthew Mole is a singer / songwriter from South Africa with roots in the Christian and Alternative Folk genres.  He is a fascinating multi-instrumentalist with a pitch perfect voice and excellent chops in both lyric and melody.

I was unfamiliar with this 2013 release until the Deluxe Edition of The Home We Built was issued this February.  It is a record that I keep coming back to, particularly the song Take Yours, I'll Take Mine.

This banjo driven song is a real treat.  Every element of this tune is well crafted.  I particularly appreciate the arrangement - full of peaks and valleys - with great craft in the dynamics and backing instruments.  The production is also breathtaking, with vocals that occasionally recall a Beach Boy influence.

I am glad this song didn't slip by me.

Click Here to watch the official music video for Take Yours, I'll Take Mine.