A House Is A Home - Ben Harper & Ellen Harper

from the album Childhood Home (2014)

I owe my love of music to my mom.  As far back as I can remember, she was singing Beatles songs to me.  Love Me Do.  I Want To Hold Your Hand.  Octopus Garden. Yellow Submarine.  All You Need Is Love.  She was awesome.

As time wore on, she started listening to my albums.  I recall coming home from the beach during one college break to find her vacuuming to Exodus by Bob Marley.  When she saw the surprise on my face, she smiled and said "We're jamming."  To this day, a simple drive in the car turns into some kind of sing-a-long.  God, I love her.

Just in time for Mother's Day, Ben Harper has released an album of folk tunes with his mom, Ellen.  How cool is that?  For generations, the family has operated a Folk Music Center & Museum they founded in Claremont, California.  No doubt this provided Ben with the backdrop required to produce such a stirring catalogue of music.

Their album leads off with a song titled A House Is A Home.  Aside from the sweet lyrics, I totally dig listening to Ben and Ellen sing and play together.  I can only imagine what a thrill it must have been for each of them.

So Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there who have turned their children on to the world of music.  Especially mine.

Click Here to watch a short film about Ben & Ellen Harper.  It includes an acoustic performance of A House Is A Home.

Click Here to listen to the album version of A House Is A Home.


  1. What an awesome tribute to your mom. She is a great lady. Your story reminds me of mine, who would yell down the hall, every time I played Burning Down the House to “play that one again!!” I miss her.

    I hope my kids pay such tribute to me some day. I think they will, after the other night, visiting my son at school, where we went to dinner, and entered a deep discussion of our affection for Snoop Dogg (Or “Snoop D-O- double- jizzy”) and had the sub turned up in the Jeep, as we rolled onto campus playing Gin and Juice at top volume. We giggled when we saw the looks on kids’ faces when they turned around and saw a mom behind the wheel of a 2014 vehicle, instead of some old school pimped out Honda. Then he insisted I not leave until he loaded my phone with Doggy Style, all of his Black Keys, Vampire Weekend, and The Best of Human League. I, in turn, gave him dangerously high levels of Led, and The Gap Band. Ah, such special moments between a mother and son!! His roommate was up in his loft, thinking “thank God the year is almost over”.

    So go spend the day with your mom, who I am quite certain is thinking, “Boy, am I blessed. “

    Trust me, she is.


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