Black Sheep - Natalie Merchant

from the album Natalie Merchant (2014)

Natalie Merchant targets a more sophisticated listener than I.  That said, her arrangements are so well crafted, her voice so lush, her ability to find the intersection of great production and great performance so uncanny; that I always take the time to give her a spin.

Black Sheep is a smoky rhumba, where baritone sax and clarinet serpentine with a magnificently clean-toned guitar to create a noir vibe that I find captivating.

As I listen, I imagine myself in a basement jazz club - something like the Village Vanguard - drinking hard cocktails with a lady friend, satisfying the two drink minimum with our first order.  As she takes the stage with her ensemble of weathered troubadours, the crowd is eating from her hand, she is both matriarch and tourtured artist.  Her voice reigns above all else.

I hung out on my back deck last night listening to this record and select songs from In My Tribe.  The line that connects them is inspired.

Click Here to listen to a segment of Black Sheep from iTunes.