Coffee Pot - Big Sam's Funky Nation

from the album Evolution (2014)

Physical attraction is awesome.

You see hundreds of people every day of your life.  Then there is that someone who, with just a glance, can turn your knees to jello and leave you speaking like you have a size 14 tongue in a size 6 mouth.

If that physical attraction is mutual, then it gets really crazy.  You get your swagger step kickin'.  You wanna lay down the boogie.  You start talking nasty nonsense, like "She's hot.  Hot like a coffee pot."

If you know where I'm coming from, then you need to listen to the latest groove from Big Sam's Funky Nation.  I dig everything about it.  The guitars, the vocals, the horns, the bass & drums, and - of course - the line "She's hot.  Hot like a coffee pot."

So why not fire up the kettle, think about that special person, and dance around the house singing this ode to enamorment.  I sure will.

Click Here to listen to a sample of Coffee Pot on iTunes.


  1. I haven't enjoyed a song about booty this much since "baby got back". song of the summer so far..! Thanks Gig'!


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