Every Time The Sun Comes Up - Sharon Van Etten

from the album Are We There (2014)

The sun came up this morning.  I am in trouble.

Passion and hard work are not always enough.  Sometimes you need more.  Where does it come from?  How do you lift your beautiful vision to the point of being sustainable?  Did anyone ever tell you it would be this difficult?

Thoughts like these envelop my brain when I listen to the last song on Sharon Van Etten's fine new record.  The tempo is slow.  The crack of the snare is definitive.  Her vocals positively remind me of singers from Lucinda Williams to Johnette Napolitano.  I really dig the doubled vocals of the chorus singing "Even when the sun comes up, I'm in trouble."

I dig songs with lots of space.  They let your mind fill in the gaps, which is one of music's great powers.  Only wish my own mind was in a less dark place.

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