Fever On The Bayou - Rodney Crowell

front the album Tarpaper Sky (2014)

I woke up last night in the wee hours, slightly before the sailors start walking home, with a strange desire to listen to Bob Seger.  The last time this happened was ... never.  I started playing all the hits.  Night Moves, Like a Rock, Katmandu, Against The Wind.  Then the 1982 song Shame On the Moon came on.  It captivated me.  This song had a different vibe.  It was not the driving Detroit undercurrent of the other songs, but rather a relaxed feel that might remind you of a moonlit southern lake.

A little research uncovered that this song was written by Rodney Crowell.  I first became aware of him when I heard the song Sex & Gasoline, with the catch line "This mean old world runs on sex and gasoline", back in 2008.  Then his songs started popping up everywhere I turned and I became enchanted.  He stood in the long line of great Texas songwriters, crafting tunes as iconic as that state's shape.

After hearing Shame On The Moon, I realized that I have been listening to other people sing Rodney Crowell songs for most of my life.

The song Fever On The Bayou leads off his latest album, Tarpaper Sky.  It is a sweet cajun tune about digging a woman.  I enjoy it for its songwriting craftsmanship.  It is perfectly catchy and leaves you smiling, with lyrics that seamlessly transition from English to French, and an accordion track that carries you along the swampy journey.

There is no great music without great songwriters.  Rodney Crowell has been responsible for decades of great music.

Click Here to listen to Fever On the Bayou.

Click Here to listen to Shame On the Moon.

Click Here to listen to Sex & Gasoline.