Food For Clouds - The Brian Jonestown Massacre

from the album Revelation (2014)

When I first heard Food For Clouds, my mind wandered to this crazy place where I was in an elevator at a posh boutique hotel on some outpost of civilization.  The music sounds like a a bizarro mix of The Cure and Muzak.  As I step out into the lobby, there is the most eclectic mix of people imaginable.  The scene was complete with a bow tie wearing llama who spoke my name in a mix of llama and spanish.  Spangllama he calls it.

Someone hands me a drink.  It is most likely local rum with ample amounts of lime and coconut.  I dig how the glass rim was dipped in agave nectar and rolled in coconut flakes.  Yummy.

But this drink has much more to offer.  It takes me on a psychedelic journey where the Canals of Venice meet the Himalayas in a Dali skyscape.

Thanks to The Brian Jonestown Massacre for creating one of my favorite musical experiences of 2014.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Food For Clouds.

Click Here to watch Food For Clouds performed live in Paris.