Iuka - The Secret Sisters

from the album Put Your Needle Down (2014)

I have always been drawn to songs that contain an element of wit.  Clever songwriting is an art form that I simply cannot get enough of.  Unfortunately, it seems to be fairly uncommon these days.  Where is the double entendre, the suggestive innuendo, the snarky play on words?

The Secret Sisters are a country duo from Muscle Shoals, Alabama.  Their latest release is titled Put Your Needle Down, which plays off of an amusing double meaning.  However, it is their song Iuka that has really tickled my fancy.

When I first came across the song, the font led me to believe that this was a cover version of the Susan Vega classic, Luka.  Instead, the song's title refers to the city of Iuka, Mississippi.  Blame it on a simple twist of font?  No.

The song's theme centers on domestic violence and child abuse, just like Luka.  How fucking clever !!!  I tip my hat to these women.

I also dig the song.  It starts with a slow groove and tambourine that builds with beautiful harmonies over the steady beat of floor toms and a percussive piano track that adds exquisite tension.  Topping it off is a violin performance that provides a stirring soulfulness when using the bow and complements the piano when plucked.

As I listen to the production, I grow further in awe of this record.  With a little digging and discover that it is the handiwork T-Bone Burnett.  Of course it is.  Great song.

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