Let's Get Drunk & Get It On - Old 97's

from the album Most Messed Up (2014)

I just got home from yet another installment of my never-ending tour.  What an odd trip this has been.  At least I still have my integrity intact.

Somewhere along the way, I found myself at a party in Dumont, Colorado listening to the great Jack Yoder play in the cow punk outfit Ol' Hickory.  Great time.  Left me craving raunchy guitar rock with a tuba bass line and a punk sensibility.

This line of desire led me straight to the new album by Old 97's, the alt-country guitar gods of Dallas, Texas.  For twenty years, they have been providing their brand of aural delight to discerning listeners. Their new album is a bucketload of great tunes.  Of them, I am particularly digging Let's Get Drunk & Get It On.

The Jimmy Buffet meets Marvin Gaye theme really resonates with this gigolo.  Change the word "whiskey" to "tequila" and the "cheap hotel on the interstate" to the "kissing rock" and I might have written it myself.

I dig songs like this that are more carnal than cerebral.  Makes me feel alive.

Click Here to listen to Let's Get Drunk & Get It On on SoundCloud.


  1. I like it.

    Funny once again... I've always wanted to see the Old 97s and saw just yesterday that they are playing at a theater near me soon. This song would be absolutely perfect to hear at this venue, which I most recently visited, for this is the sort of place where you can drink from all the food groups, (which, come the next day it felt like I did) including the agave plant, and where PDAs are abundant. It is a sinfully decadent sort of place where integrity (and people) are up for grabs, and you could wind up (if you're not careful) getting a bad rash.

    It was one of those nights where you question if you were as good as your mom taught you to be (to which the answer is probs not...) and makes you wonder if you jeopardized anyone's scruples along the way. In looking back, it seems I'm good. Thank God!

    Speaking of concerts---I got tickets to see Jason Isbell! I am very excited! Thanks to you, 40 Watt, he is one of my all time favorite artists now.

    Thankfully, he will be at a different venue. It may not be quite as much fun, but at least I will be guaranteed that my scruples, and the scruples of those around me, will remain intact. The last thing I want to do is disappoint Jason Isbell...

    1. Hey Theresa,

      What does it say about your scruples hanging out in theaters where you can get a bad rash? You need to be checkin' out the agave plants in a proper venue.

      I am jealous about Jason Isbell. His tune New South Wales came up in a mix I was listening to on a late night flight this week. I hit "repeat" three or four times. He is great stuff.

      --> 40Watt


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