Looking For Real Love - Hollie Cook

from the single Looking For Real Love (2014)

In a few hours, I start the next installment of my never ending tour with a flight to NYC.  I purchased the ticket too late and an relegated to a middle seat.  Good tunes will be essential for me to find a little zen.  It should work (unless the jackass in front of me reclines their seat).

No doubt my mix will include Looking For A Real Love by Hollie Cook.  When we last checked in on Ms. Cook, she was shadow kissing us from her balcony.  Ever on the prowl, this year her search for a true romance continues.

I dig this song for the way the reggae groove and orchestration play off of each other.  Couple with that Hollie Cook's smooth and sweet vocals and I am in heaven.

The orchestrated reggae really turns me on.  It mixes well with a wide variety of grooves, allowing for transitions from disco to ska is a seamless party oneness.  Perfect for middle seat bliss.

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