Tangerine Girl - Asher Roth

from the album RetroHash (2014)

Once upon a time, I was drinking at The Loft on Division Street.  Along the way my less-than-funky friends headed back to their respective corners of the City of the Big Shoulders (thanks for that one, Uncle Carl).  But my two funkier friends closed the joint with me.  As the lights got bright and the stools went up, this chick with desire in her eyes asked me if my friends and I wanted to join a couple of her friends back at her place to party.


Her apartment was in a high rise overlooking Lake Michigan.  The view was spectacular.  I was assigned to concoct a flask full of flavorful shots while the chick put on her stereo.  She dropped the needle on Led Zeppelin III. The Immigrant Song got everyone going, and by the time Tangerine came up, the girls were dancing this crazy hippy jig.  One of them kept bouncing a titty on the top of my friend's head.  He looked like a lava lamp.

They kept playing Tangerine, slamming shots, and taking off their clothes one veil at a time.  Salome be dammed !!!

The next day we were off to see The Cubbies and could not remember some of their names.  From that moment on they were known as the tangerine girls.

What a smile it brought to my face when I came across a song actually called Tangerine Girls.  After confirming that neither of the other guys wrote the tune, I gave it a spin.  It is a tripped out groove that captures the atmosphere of that blurry night.  I dig how the guitar tone is reminiscent of Groove Is In The Heart.  I also dig the meter of the rap and the deep bass groove that kicks in during the song's tail end.

But mostly, I dig the flashback to that night in Chicago.  I wonder what ever happened to the tangerine girls.  Probably a pack of wine drinking mothers.  Who knows, maybe one of them will read this blog.  That would be wild...

Click Here to watch the music video for Tangerine Girl.