The Odds - Jake Bugg

from the EP Messed Up Kids (2014)

In 2013, Jake Bugg released a debut album that restored my faith in rock and roll.  The song Lightning Bolt became an instant favorite, evoking legends like Gene Vincent and Bob Dylan while exploding with youth and energy.  The song is a modern classic.

On his latest EP, he heads down a slightly folkier path while maintaining his energy level.  Think Bob Dylan meets Oasis.  My favorite track on the record is The Odds.  With a rambling rockabilly kick and a Highway 61 inspired vocal styling, this song makes me drive a little faster and want to join his band.  It is earnest and inspired.

Hard to believe he is 20 years old.

Click Here to listen to The Odds.


  1. My son has been telling me all year that "this kid is crazy good". Right again. Time for another mother/son music transfer. (That 2013 album is amazing.)

    Truly hard to believe that he is 20 years old, as I watch my almost 20 year old son excel at one thing-laying on the basement sofa. (At least he is good at something though, right?)

    I guess I need to acknowledge that his mom, Mrs. Bugg, did a better job than I, and she obviously didn't let her kid quit guitar lessons after 3 months. I am having one of those "shitty mother" moments. I hate those moments.

    Congratulations, Mrs. Bugg. You win. You also have a much more fun last name.

  2. Addendum: I was looking him up after I posted this comment, and see he is coming here in November with the Black Keys---I have been having a love/hate relationship with Turn Blue, their new album, all week. It is-----so great. They glammed things up a bit, and really deviated from their original sound, but there is no denying that it is awesome. So I just got tix to see them both! Happy Birthday to my slacker son since it's right around his 20th.


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