1,2,3,4 - Autoramas & B'Negão

from the EP AutoBoogie (2014)

Autoramas are a garage/surf band from Río de Janeiro.  Their 2011 instrumental cover version of New Order's Blue Monday is one of my favorite songs in recent years.  I have been eagerly waiting for this band to release some new music for me to sink my ears into ever since.

This spring they released the EP AutoBoogie.  My favorite of its four songs is 1,2,3,4.  This tune features that same, incredible guitar tone as Blue Monday.  When I wrote about them in 2012, I described that tone as the sound of insects drilling into your teeth.  That still applies.  So does the stellar drumming and bass playing.

Of course, the person who turned counting to four into an art form was Dee Dee Ramone.  I am not sure if Dee Dee was the inspiration for this song, but I hope so.  If nothing else, this song kicked me into listening to the Ramones Rocket To Russia album.  That might just be the greatest album ever.

Click Here to watch Autoramas perform 1,2,3,4 live and then segue into Surfin' Bird.  A tip of the hat to Dee Dee?

Click Here to read my prior blog post on Blue Monday.


  1. 1,2,3,4 by the autoramas has that cool string bending sound like the intro from Pulp Fiction. Retro, surfy, and raw the basics for cool. Another good tune from this band is also Hotel Cervantes.


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