Disco Hi-Life - Orlando Julius

from the reissued album Disco Hi-Life (2014)

I really dig the latest wave of Afrobeat music that is gaining global popularity.  Over the past year, I have caught great Afrobeat shows in London, San Francisco, and NYC.  I love how people lose themselves in the groove.

In the 1970's there was another Arfobeat wave that originated in Nigeria.  It was best represented by musicians like Fela Kuti.  This music was inherently African with western genres injected.  However, there were artists - like Orlando Julius - who infused larger doses of soul and R&B into their music.

Disco Hi-Life is a reissue of a 1978 record.  This record stands at the intersection of Disco and Afrobeat.  It is amazingly catchy.

It is wonderful to see the lost records of african musicians - like Orlando Julius and William Omeador - finding new audiences nearly 40 years after there initial release.  I hope it serves as inspiration to today's musicians to explore the intersections of great groove music.

Click Here to listen to Disco Hi-Life.