Eliza - Peter Murphy

from the album Lion (2014)

Last Thursday night, I had the good fortune to guest host on The Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero on SCAD Atlanta Radio.  This was a high honor for me as this has long stood as my favorite internet radio show.

The theme for that evening's show was Girls of Summer with each song containing a female name.  I came prepared to contribute (with a little help from my friend, Richie Beans) but found it hard to add value to the steady rockin' vibe of this well considered broadcast.

Perhaps my best contribution was the song Eliza from Peter Murphy's latest album, Lion.  This song was the perfect next track to Molly's Chamber by Kings of Leon.  This song's hard edge, with guitars reminiscent of dental work and an MG-42 like rhythm section, sounded magnificent.  Topping it off was the beauty of Peter Murphy's voice.  He has amazed me with every release since his Bauhaus days.

Join me in celebrating the triumph of internet radio.  It is that special place where conscientious deejays craft playlists of "great songs that sound great together".  Do yourself a favor and seek out the shows that resonate with you.  I suggest you start with The Fuzz Factory.

Click Here to listen the official music video to Eliza.

Click Here to check out the playlist from the Girls of Summer edition of The Fuzz Factory with Brett Callero.


  1. Peter Murphy's voice has always left me speechless.

    That's all I have to say about that.

    1. I agree. You should also check out Hang Up from this album...


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