Hey Mr. Grey - Bob Mould

from the album Beauty & Ruin (2014)

In my opinion, there is no purer rock & roll ensemble than the power trio.  Bass, guitar, and drums.  In this configuration, each instrumentalist has great responsibility and freedom allowing them to find the ultimate form of expression.

The drummer's job is to establish the beat and maintain the beat.  The bassist establishes the groove and maintains the groove.  The guitarist provides the rhythm and color.  Within this framework, they are free to experiment without interference from other musicians.

The great power trios make this look easy.  Think of Cream or The Jimi Hendrix Experience.  The Who.  The Ramones.  ZZ Top.  Their sounds are so full and unique.

Bob Mould is a master of the power trio.  Husker Dü and Sugar are legendary.   But even in his solo work, he has put together great power trios.  His latest band includes Jason Narducy on bass and Jon Wurster on drums.  Together, these three musicians create a monster sound that echoes great bands of the past.

Listen to Hey, Mr. Grey.  Listen to each instrument do their job.  Listen to how tight they are as a unit.  Listen to the color and technique each musician delivers within the power pop framework.

Hail to the power trio.

Click Here to listen to Hey Mr. Grey.