I Try To Talk To You - Hercules and Love Affair

from the album The Feast Of The Broken Heart (2014)

My greatest blogging regret to date is not writing about the song GMF by John Grant.  It was amongst the songs I absolutely digged most in 2013.

The initial reason for this omission was that GMF stands for "Greatest Mother Fucker."  When I started this blog, I wrote down some guiding principles for my voice and two of them were to avoid songs about drug use and profanity-laced songs.  The latter excluded GMF.

As the year wore on, I began to introduce profanity and dropped a few drug innuendoes (much to the rebuke of my funky friends).  Still I did not write about this song.  I am not sure why.  I wrote entries on it several times but never hit "publish."  When I look back at my Top 25 of 2013 list, this song would clearly have made the cut.

Hercules and Love Affair are a NYC collective headed by DJ Andrew Butler, who - according to Wikipedia - "began his musical career at 15, DJing in a Denver leather bar run by a hostess called Chocolate Thunder Pussy".  He also had an affinity for the band Kraftwerk.

When I first heard their song I Try To Talk To You, I quickly became besotted with the 80's styled synths and hand claps.  When the vocals entered, I thought "cool.  this has a Human League vibe."  Then I realized that the vocalist evoking Philip Oakey was none other than John Grant.

His voice perfectly suits this vibe.  A natural baritone that can go up and perfectly grab a higher note without losing its clarity or incredible diction is mesmerizing.  Meanwhile, the lyric contains a raw honesty that is John Grant's hallmark.  I just can't get enough.

Moving beyond John Grant, Hercules and Love Affair sound great.  Their tone selection, sense of groove, and musical arrangements represent the type of club music this hopeless tavernite appreciates most.

But perhaps the thing I dig most about Hercules and Love Affair is their love for music exuded in each and every track.  Talk about the passion.

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