I'm A Man - James Skelly & The Intenders

from the album Love Undercover (2014)

James Skelly & The Intenders are a Liverpool band that released their debut album earlier this month.    Listening to just how tight their perform, I am guessing they have spent years honing their craft in local bars, and such.

I dig their song I'm A Man from the opening mariachi horns.  The drumming and piano tracks join the horns in carrying the tune.  The drums offer that steady snare beat with subtle variations that shift the song confidently thru the arrangement.  The piano adds a rollicking American bounce to the vibe before delivering a great solo.

I also dig the lyrics, particularly the chorus:

You can work me to the bone
Try to turn my heart to stone
But I'm a man
And you'll never take my soul

It is exciting to have a first listen from such an accomplished new band.

Click Here to listen to I'm A Man.