IMF - Seun Kuti & Egypt 80

from the album A Long Way To The Beginning (2014)

The intersection of protest and song is likely as old as mankind itself.  It bonds us and gives power to everyday people.

One the greatest - and most overlooked - protest singers of the 20th century was Fela Kuti.  This Nigerian bandleader gave voice to the people of West Africa against the corruption and theft by their governments and elites.  He was to afrobeat what Bob Marley was to reggae.

Today, his youngest son - Seun - leads his father's great band Egypt 80 and carries the banner for social change thru music.  Last month, he helped arrange street protests against the inaction of the Nigerian government to combat Boko Haram and the kidnapping of 270 schoolgirls.  The protests were met by tear gas.

Nowhere is the power of his music - and the tradition of his father - better captured than on the song IMF.  A blistering condemnation of the International Monetary Fund (International Mother Fuckers) this song features mighty horns, percussion, and guitars.  Layered on top is great vocals by Seun and female backup singers.  Adding a modern flare is an excellent rap from Dead Prez's M1.

This song reminds me of Fela's classic ITT (International Telephone & Telegraph).  That is the highest of praise.

Click Here to watch the official music video to IMF.