Just Can't Win - Lee Fields & The Expressions

from the album Emma Jean (2014)

A few nights ago, I partied into the wee hours with a group of my funky friends.  It was an intoxicating night with booze, pretty women, and musical instruments always within arms reach. Nothing like watching friends dance beneath the stars to a mandolin waltz being played on a front porch by neighborhood musicians to remind you why the south is so special.

Somewhere around 2AM, someone began playing Hall & Oates.  I think it was an extension of a discussion about their induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Soon, people were singing Sara Smile and a bunch of their other soulful classics.

I woke up the next afternoon, thinking about Hall, Oates, and the sweet soul of Philadelphia.  I put on the Delfonics and lost myself in their sound.  Man, I dig it.

Fast forward to this morning.  I woke up at 4am to start another leg of my never ending tour.  Before heading to the airport, I had the good sense to download the new album by Lee Fields & The Expressions that was only a few hours old.

Lee Fields has been making great soul music since the 1960s.  While others have slowly faded from the scene, he continues to deliver some of the finest soul ever recorded.  Songs like Just Can't Win.  The rhythm section, the horns, the backing vocals, and Lee Fields singing "you keep trying, but you just can't win."  Makes me want to keep trying.

I met Lee Fields at SXSW a few months ago.  He was a nice cat.  And man can he sing soul music...

Click Here to watch the official video for Just Can't Win.