Lighthouse - Ziggy Marley

from the album Fly Rasta (2014)

Not far from my ancestral home, a lighthouse has stood for a few hundred years.

As a kid, my father used to take me there to walk around the dunes and sandy road.  At certain times of the year, we would count migratory birds for the Audubon Society.  He loved being there with his family.

In the years since his death, that lighthouse has become very special to me both for the memories and as a metaphor for the man I admire most.  So the song Lighthouse by Ziggy Marley strikes a heartfelt chord for me.  The song is sung to his siblings while also containing a message to his deceased father.  I particularly dig the chorus:

I'm holding up the fire
Lighting up the sky
Like a lighthouse on the ocean
Bring you home alright

As someone who carries the torch for a great man, I get it.

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