Lonely Life - Dick Diver

from the forthcoming single/EP Fruits & Flowers (2014)

Coloured Stone are an Aboriginal band from the Koonibba Mission in southern Australia.  Their music is a wonderful mix of reggae, ska, funk, and rock with a cool aboriginal vibe.  Their 1984 song Black Boy remains their high water mark despite producing three decades of high-calibre, original music.

I dig that the Australian indie-rock outfit Dick Diver has covered Coloured Stone on their upcoming release, Fruits & Flowers.  This act brings increased attention to a great band.

The song Lonely Life has a pop americana vibe sounding like it could have been written on the back of a Greyhound crossing Wyoming on a fall day.  I dig the country twang, the strum of the acoustic guitar, and the harmonies.  I also like the effect of the steel drum sounding instrument (that may even be a steel drum).

If you are not familiar with Dick Diver, do yourself a favor and check them out.  Their 2013 album Calendar Days was amongst my favorites of last year.

Click Here to listen to Lonely Life on SoundCloud.

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