Long Legged Blonde Memphis - Margot & The Nuclear So and So's

from the album Slingshot To Heaven (2014)

The song Long Legged Blonde Memphis has been bouncing around my brain for the past few months.  This song has gotten its hooks into me more than any other song released so far this year.  It is a simple, catchy, indie rock song with a pop sensibility.

Why are songs like this an exception?  Why can't seasoned songwriters crank out tunes like this every hour?  It just seems too easy.

At its core, this song has a very catchy chorus.  But it consists of the same three or four chords that you find in tens of thousands of tunes across the genre.  The verse consists of a five note pattern that almost anyone can pick up a guitar and play.  The drum beat and bass line are inherently simple.  This just isn't that hard.

If you take it another level down, you find strong visual imagery (long legged blonde), magnificent tone (particularly the guitar), a tempo that is not too rushed (a sign of maturity), and a smoldering vocal performance that resonates.  The song is also very well produced.

All of this just seems easy to me.  But why is it so elusive?  I just don't get it.

Click Here to listen to the album version of Long Legged Blonde Memphis.

Click Here to watch Long Legged Blonde Memphis performed live.