No Justice No Peace - Roy Davis Jr.

from the album Destroy & Rebuild (2014)

Chicago house musician Roy Davis Jr. has laid down a cool, lounge vibe with the tune No Justice No Peace.  The craftsmanship of this song is expectantly stellar, as Roy Davis Jr. is also an accomplished producer working with artists including Seal, Patti LaBelle, Mary J. Blige, and Daft Punk's music label.

But what really turns me on is the application of a protest theme to this musical genre.  When I hear this song, I immediately think of Peter Tosh singing "I don't want no peace.  I want equal rights and justice" or "Have you ever been to jail for justice" by Peter, Paul, & Mary.

However here it is simply spoken.  No emotion, just four words:  no justice no peace.  No need to get angry or rile people up.  This song says "This is who we are.  Real people who aren't going to take any shit."  It is just a stated fact.  I dig that.

Click Here to listen to a segment of No Justice No Peace on SoundCloud.