Serious Time - Mungo's Hi Fi

from the album Serious Time (2014)

I dig the spirit of Jamaican Sound System culture.  In this setting, MCs, DJs, and engineers collaborate to create reggae, ska, and rocksteady music.  This approach results in creativity, experimentation, and discovery.  What's not to dig?

Mungo's Hi Fi have established the sound system culture in their hometown of Glasgow, Scotland.  This ever morphing collaborative has found a wildly receptive audience across the UK and Europe.  Their latest album, Serious Time, is one of the best cover-to-cover reggae recordings I have heard in some time.  It is the perfect soundtrack for your next barbecue.

The title track is a real stand out.  The retro-reggae-ska vibe is complete a cool horn riff that locks me in.  From this foundation, the vocals can really shine.  I dig both the make and female performances.  I also like the central lyric:

These are serious time
You'd better mind when your walk
Where you walk
Who your walking with

Try this song with a Red Stripe.

Click Here to listen to Serious Time.