All Over Me - The Rich Hands

from the album Out Of My Head (2014)

The Rich Hands are a rock and roll band from San Antonio, Texas.  Their latest album - Out Of My Head - is one of this year's most pleasant surprises with a vibe that conjure up blasts from the past like The Del Fuegos and Scruffy The Cat while also carrying a T. Rex and Replacements vibe.  One song - No Harm Blues - even has a keyboard intro reminiscent of Bob Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone.

My favorite track is the opener, All Over Me.  The fuzzed out, overdriven guitars.  The emphatic drumming.  The booming bass.  This is three-piece power pop heaven with a keyboard track thrown in.

The songwriting is sharp and the vocals are euphemistic.  It is hard not to drive the car a little faster or turn the stereo a little louder when listening to this tune.

This is a great tune to cleanse your musical pallet.

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