Crucial Stepper - Digid

from the EP Crucial Stepper (2014)

When was the last time you cranked your stereo to some cosmic dub stepper music?  You know, when the music is so loud that the the groove rattles your bones.  Well, if it has been awhile, here is your chance.

Digid is a young dub stepper from Belgium who records for the excellent Portuguese label Cubiculo Records.  The song Crucial Stepper really resonates with me.  I dig the slower than expected tempo that creates space to appreciate the individual tracks in their full glory.  Each of these tracks marries tone and restrained performance.  Collectively, it allows the song to hook you on many levels.  Particularly when played loud.

I am most fond of the instrumental "raw version".  But do yourself a favor and check out the vocal version featuring Brazilian Junior Dread.  Also check out the Alpha Steppa remix.

Sometimes when I listen to this song I am reminded of some of the lesser played dubs on Sandinista! That is a very good thing.

Click Here to listen to samples of all four versions of Crucial Stepper on SoundCloud.