Dbf - Eno • Hyde

from the album High Life (2014)

Remain In Light by Talking Heads is one of my favorite end-to-end albums of all time.  When you put it up against the other great records of 1980 - like The Clash's London Calling or Bruce Springsteen's The River - it stands apart in its ambition and impact.

The melding of African Polyrhythms, New Wave Instrumentation, and an impeccable sense of groove introduced westerners to the contagious meter of the Afrobeat stylings of legends like Fela Kuti.  This  was six years before Paul Simon recorded Graceland.

The producer of Remain In Light was Brian Eno.  Earlier this month, he released the album High Life with Karl Hyde from the British electronic group Underground.  The album's title is a reference to the Western African fusion of jazz laced pop genre commonly called "highlife".

My favorite track is Dbf.  This is most likely because the guitars, percussion, and groove remind me so much of Remain In Light.  Take a listen.  You'll be singing Crosseyed and Painless in no time at all.

Click Here to listen to Dbf from Eno • Hyde.


  1. There is something special about being on your game for as long as Brian Eno has been. I guess it has something to do with him playing the wolf in the mid 70's release of "Peter and the Wolf!"


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