Disco Fidel - Timothy Brownie

from the EP Buffalo Beat (2014)

I really dig the title to this electronic whammer jammer.  The visual image of Fidel Castro under the mirrorball - doing his best Tony Manero moves - makes me smile.  I just can't decide if he would look better in a white polyester suit or his best pressed uniform.  Either way for me.

This song is a serious jam.  Classified as electronic, this tune feats powerhouse horn arrangements and funked up bass that are not common in this genre.

The song is the masterwork of Timothy Brownie of Mexico.

Click Here to listen to the EP version of Disco Fidel.


  1. In a classic Cold War funk, this song thumps out "let me introduce you to my little friend!" In a time when you may no longer be be able to say "have a Tampa", this group is close enough to get the cigar of success. This tune, for a boomer, really hits the flash back button hard.


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