Gimme Something Good - Ryan Adams

from the forthcoming album Ryan Adams (2014)

Americans want the same two things as everyone else:  to be loved and to feel secure.  Our pursuit of these comforts is colored by our idealistic naivety, sense of justice, and belief that hard work is ultimately rewarded.  We are fragile and we are strong.  We are optimists and dreamers, even when we suffer.

When I listen to Ryan Adams sing, I hear all these qualities emanating from the soulful tone of his glorious voice.  Songs like When The Stars Go Blue and his cover of Oasis' Wonderwall give me chills.  There are inner secrets in his tone and vibrato that are revealed with every listen.  To me, the American Spirit can be found in Ryan Adams' voice.

So how fitting that he close this week to release a teaser track from his forthcoming, self-titled album?

The song Gimme Something Good is something of a sun-drenched rocker that Don Henley might have released one summer long ago.  You hear it in the guitars, the keyboards, and the drumming.  And above it all is the Ryan Adams voice.  In the context of this song, his tone reflects a yearning and drive that are equally American.

So, Happy Fourth of July !!!! Hope you spend it listening to some great tunes.

Click Here to listen to Gimme Something Good on SoundCloud.


  1. Wow! This song is like fireworks inside your head. What a great Fourth of July celebration song. Big props to the studio crew the mix on this track is awesome.

  2. You had me at Wonderwall.

    (This is Theresa. In a WiFi/4G black hole.)

    I can't even stand how great this song is. Driving up here on the fourth I was in a very Ryan Adams mood, so listened, not knowing this was coming. How I love this boy. ♡♡♡

    On a different subject, remember when you blogged about that Big Head Todd song, Black Beehive and said I'd probably have a Big Head Todd experience soon? I literally stumbled upon his free concert last night and stood 3 rows from the stage. When he sang Broken Hearted Saviour, I was in 5th heaven. (I'm waiting for 6th heaven when I get to see Ryan Adams sing me Wonderwall.)

    7th heaven is reserved for something entirely different.

    Way to lure, 40 watt.

    1. Big Head Todd must be part large-headed piñata, part stalker.

      He is everywhere !!!


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