Here It Comes Again - The Amazing Snakeheads

from the album Amphetamine Ballads (2014)

Although we are never told what it is ... Here It Comes Again !!!

I dig how this tune by The Amazing Snakeheads simply repeats the title throughout, offering clues as to what it might be only in their musical treatment of the song.

It must be intense.  You can tell by the driving bass line that pulses mightily on each chord's root.  You can tell by the emphatic drumming and how the cymbals have a kind of dead ring to them.  You can tell by the way the guitar enters with chords announcing something special before ripping accents to compliment the vocals that are delivered with great rock dynamics.  You can tell by the synthesizer that sounds like Dr Frankenstein turning up the voltage to animate his monster.

I really wish I new what it was.  I keep hitting repeat but still can't tell.

Click Here to watch the official music video to Here It Comes Again.


  1. Here it comes again? Repetition is the basis of all things. How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Practice! Practice! Practice! But this time the output has a solid retro sound of punk, with the tempered edge of musical talent. Proving that, anything sufficiently simplified, and reinforced repetitiously can be accepted, because it links with a basic human capacity to recognize both simple and complex patterns. Here it comes again, may not be known for what it is, or actually what may come, but for what it has always been - a pattern.

    1. Very true JB. You must be reading Claude Shannon again.


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