Never Been Properly Loved - Chain & The Gang

from the album Minimal Rock N Roll (2014)

Bands rehearse.  Hours and hours.  Week after week.  Year after year.

This is particularly painful for the bass player.  His job is to establish and maintain the groove.  During rehearsals, the bass player will play the same line for 45 minutes at a time while guitarists, drummers, and vocalists experiment.  This is not fair.

When the groove is challenging, as in funk or disco, the bass players left hand begins to cramp.  Laying a pinkie on a fret becomes a herculean task.  Bass players suffer their art.

As I listen to Chain & The Gang play Never Been Properly Loved, I think of the bass player laying down his line.  How many times did they rehearse this song?  How many times did the bass player repeat the line.

Fortunately, it produced great results.  The drumming fully integrates with the groove to form an excellent rhythm section.  The tone of the guitar - particularly the lead - is inspired.  The harmonies - or are they dual vocals? - are equally delightful.  The percussion is well placed.

Never Been Properly Loved may well be a statement about bass players.  If you have a chance, please show them some love the next time they deliver your pizza.

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