Sing, Flip, & Twist - Smooth Beans

from the single Sing, Flip, & Twist (2014)

I really dig the song Sing, Flip, & Twist by the Spanish reggae band Smooth Beans.

This song has a great retro-Jamanian feel straight from the 1960's.  The call and response vocals are splendid.  So are the easy rhythm and keyboards.

This song puts a smile on my face and serves as a reminder to relax, take it easy, and not let other people drag you down.  This is particularly valuable on a Monday morning.

Click Here to watch the music video for Sing, Flip, & Twist.


  1. No problem, mon! Dance, drink, drop acid sounds like a recipe for soothing the troubles of the mind. Great tunes from this band.

    1. I can't agree more.

      The work week has not officially started yet and I have been on the hit with three problems.

      Rum and sugar water sure sounds good right now.


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