Smalltown Boy Reprise - Jimmy Somerville

from the single Smalltown Boy (2014)

Jimmy Somerville is the former lead singer of the 80's band Bronski Beat.  Celebrating the song's 30th anniversary, he has released a new, stripped down, live version of this classic tune.  His website states:

"June 2014 marks a very special anniversary - 30 years since the release of Smalltown Boy.  Originally released in 1984, the song addressed key issues in the 1980's LGBT culture, and brought homosexuality and homophobia into the pop mainstream.  The song deals with loneliness, rejection by family and society and also being bullied because of supposed differences.  The song has been and continues to be an inspiration to many people."

On this new version, Jimmy Somerville's voice is incredible.  I really dig listening to him hit those crazy high notes over a simple piano accompaniment.  It gives me chills.

Thanks to my friend Theresa for bringing this song to my attention.

Click Here to watch Jimmy Somerville perform Smalltown Boy.

Click Here to watch Bronski Beat's original music video of this song.


  1. You're welcome. Glad you liked to it. When I first heard it, I couldnt believe his voice. But also I don't think I ever paid attention to the meaning of the words. Guess I was too busy just dancing my butt off to it. I find the melody haunting in this version.

    Has it really been 30 years? How depressing!

    1. Yeah, I never listened to the words either. I just stood around Malibu with a drink in my hand.

  2. Oh, so that was you...watching us girls like a creeper.


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