Telefunken - Cosmic Gate & Jerome Isma-Ae

from the single Telefunken (2014)

Yesterday, I got back to my NY hotel room after yet another frustrating day.  I was scheduled to be in Denver this week, but was summoned here to deal with some unpleasantries.  Looking for a way to get numb, I put on a mix of new electronic releases.  Soon I was captivated by the hard trance of Cosmic Gate & Jerome Isma-Ae.

The song Telefunken has a driving edge that I really dig.  It is in the attack of the synthesizers and the ferocity of the beat.

As I listened, my mind turned to the name Cosmic Gate.  This stood as a metaphor for where I find myself these daze, dancing on the head of a pin waiting for the madness to slow down.  Robert Johnson found himself standing at the crossroads with a couple of clear options.  Mine are limited only by my imagination and values.

I am certain that I am not alone.  Speaking with my friends and such, many find themselves at the cosmic gate confronting nearly identical dilemmas.  I am one of many pin dancers in a surreal sky wishing they could hit the hyperspace button.

Click Here to listen to Telefunken by Cosmic Gate & Jerome Isma-Ae.


  1. Techno provides its own meter of zen. The driving beat coupled with synchronistic synthetic harmonies puts one's focus entirely in the moment. If your mind is rattled by situationally uncontrollable pressures, it may reach a pleasant calm by incorporating such a complex conjugate. Not to mention that some of the best music ever has been processed by the infamous Telefunken-U47.


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