Time Longer Than Rope - Neville Staple

from the album Ska Crazy! (2014)

No other music has the effect on me that Ska does.  Simply put, it makes me happy.

Neville Staple is one of Ska's most beloved characters.  The former toastmaster for The Specials and essential member of The Fun Boy Three is nothing less than a legend.  When I see him, I smile.  When I hear him, I dance.

Now at 59, he has had a series of strokes resulting from a nasty car accident.  But that hasn't stopped him from releasing a great new album.  My favorite tune is Track One, a cover of Prince Buster's Time Longer Than Rope.  The beat.  The guitar strum.  The piano accents.  The horns.  The bass line.  All splendid.

But this song is really all about Neville Staple.  His voice brings me back to a time and place that was carefree and wild.  I wish Neville Staple well and hope he continues to recover.  I also thank him for being part of the soundtrack to my life.

Click Here to listen to a preview of Time Longer Than Rope on iTunes.


  1. Light, moving, almost honky tonky (ish), but with a compelling beat that just makes you wiggle! Reggae rag time who would of thought of such a genre, it works, and works well.


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